Office Update 16.9.0 Applescript issue in Word

When customer decide on a content in the word document, I check out JavaScript API for Office as well as I could not locate a user to notify.

I understand that we can copy the selected/highlighted message coming from document as observe

This technique is actually not a registered callback or even a celebration. Using this strategy I possess to request update or even to check out if customer picked just about anything.

Is there a present function that I can register for obtaining advised for consumer interaction along with document?

This code has operated penalty for more than a year so I’m quite positive the update caused it at the very least in component. I found a method around this through preparing the page number to the key header instead like this

Has any individual else experienced this or even any various other eccentricity along with Applescript as well as Word after the 16.9.0 upgrade? Any kind of ideas on exactly how to receive page amount alignment to work making use of Applescript a few other technique?

However the procedure WILL cause the variety transformed occasion if you yearn for todo it programmatically. Please examine out this Writing Lab snippet, it generally subscribe to the event on bunch, after that if you click on the RUN switch you will see that the final paragraph receives decided on and also the activity activated.

the getSelection() technique carries out certainly not really select in the document. it gives you the variation that its presently chosen. so as to get the events you need to have to register for the document collection event, you may attain that relatively simple simply with

My firm makes use of Applescript to deal with MS Word documents for consumers. After putting in the current 16.9.0 improve, lots of consumers began having troubles including page varieties. After some looking into, I found the wrongdoer was a snippet of Applescript that puts the page variety in the header for the first page of the given document Segment.

I’m additionally possessing the same complication. I performed some debugging and it appears like the “alignment” building of the “page varieties” in the “header footer” training class zero longer exists, which might discuss why every little thing is being actually failed to left side align. Listed below I have arise from my text when I attempted to debug it. I logged the page variety count to show that page amount exists, but when I make an effort to log the “placement” property, it turns up as (absent value).

That ‘d be fantastic if any individual could help along with this. In the meantime I’ll merely by hand tug and also lose the page amount to the proper location or place them personally. Thanks beforehand.

That is actually certainly not a perfect remedy but it operates. Nonetheless, currently I have actually seen that despite what positioning I provide the page and also try variety that it is actually ALWAYS quit straightened. This is actually not acceptable for our condition and also it appears a comprehensive workaround away from Applescript will definitely be actually demanded.

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