MailMerge: From Excel to Word C#

The accepted service carried out not work for me. I am making use of Word 2010. I handled to acquire a solution working and would love to share it right here, so others may profit from it

I have actually been looking around on the internet for the past 2 times since our customers don’t want that pop up as it hasn’t been actually there certainly in the old use. However I couldn’t discover a correct solution for this. Other than a few individuals discussing that most likely the Relationship strand is inaccurate. I found no resources informing me how it ought to search in the C# code

See the created macro listed below. I have incorporated extremely little bit of code just to remove the filename coming from an industry in the datasource (which is available in the layout document).

After creating this code, save and also shut the merge theme doc. Re-open this opportunity and also the data you are going to be prompted with the Merge wizard.

Why perform you specified ConfirmConversions=accurate in the C# code, when it is actually untrue in the VBA code? You might additionally attempt passing wdOpenFormatAuto instead of ref overlooking, since that’s additionally in the VBA code.

The trouble is if I “Merge to new document” then the “FileNumber” industry no more exists so it can’t select that up yet if I only visit “Preview Results” and operate the macro it simply spares the presently previewed file and not the remainder of the letters.

There is actually a simple answer not entailing splitting the resulting document: Prep the combine as well as keeping in the template document.Record a macro as you merge one document, then spare and close the leading file, eventuallye advancement to the next file.

You can acquire the worths of mergefields during the combine making use of active document.mailmerge.datasource.datafields(” the precise name of the industry – it’s situation vulnerable”). value, and also make use of that to create an output file pathname for each and every data.

I am actually presently dealing with a concern pertaining to the MailMerge capability of MS Word.

I have a number of mail merge templates setup, when I combine the documents I intend to split the results right into separate reports every one with a title based upon the combine industry “FileNumber”.

I clearly made an effort presently to take that link trick as well as use it in my code. I also tried playing around along with the subtype.

Designate the macro to a quick way secret or apply a loophole in VBA. Note that the fieldnames are casesensitive.

Don’t forget to upgrade the column variety to make use of for documents labels, as well as the road to conserve the generated reports.

I had to revise an outdated VBA Treatment into C#. Apart from for one PopUp that I may certainly not obtain rid of.

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