In Ruby on Rails, how can I convert html to word?

TinyButStrong is a PHP design template motor that can easily merge HTML, Text, … as well as additionally Docx, Xlsx, Odt, Ods, … utilizing it’s OpenTBS plugin. It may not to sale.

I have actually used royal prince xml( to create PDF. I need to have a service to create word( or even rtf style data

Is there a method to convert a HTML formmatted strand to a Word document in c#? I made an effort making use of tinybutstrong yet it doesn’t appear to convert any html tags.

Maybe listed below is actually an option:

If you actually mean that, you will definitely possess to parse the HTML document to begin with utilizing something like Nokogiri. As much as outputting to Word, I’m frightened it looks as if you will possess to directly user interface with a running case of Microsoft Word via OLE!

A fast search for win32ole dark red word are going to get you began: In Ruby on Rails, how can I convert html to word?

I am actually currently generating a Word document by producing HTML as well as modifying the header relevant information to feature as a.doc documents. It is actually a pauper’s method, but it functions just fine (until now).

I was just inquired to consist of an image in the documents. My greatest concept was actually to base64 install the image. This functions fine in a browser, however Word simply gives me a carton along with an X in it.

Ideas on just how I can install an image in to this documents and also have it show in Microsoft Word?

That is actually a tough one, Word isn’t capable to manage information: base64 inscribed images in HTML, at least that is actually the outcome in this concern and this MSDN discussion.

You have 3 alternatives:

I just obtained this by printing the DOCX to PDF after that utilizing Performer to Save In Order To HTML. Images showed up little, however there.

Team up with downright URLs or even file pathways (a lot more sucky).

Create a folder in the area of the document, store it alongside the document, and recommendation images pretty (<img src=’imageFolder/image1.jpg’>)

Explore the new Word > 2003 XML based data style( s), it is certainly feasible there.

You can easily utilize this html-docx.js.

The only other option I may consider is in fact creating a native Word report, e.g. making use of OpenOffice.

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